Floor made of Soft concrete

FLOOR TILES made of Soft concrete was the first product from Johans Golv (“Golv” is Swedish for “floor”). The basic idea was that the properties of the soft concrete should be advantageous for your back and knees, compared to hard flooring materials such as stone and ceramic tiles. It is tiresome to stand and work on a hard floor, while floors made of Soft concrete make a considerable improvement. Hard flooring materials also have the draw back that if you accidentally drop a glass, it will break. This is not necessarily the case for Soft Concrete – it is more like a wooden floor.

The sound environment in a room with Soft Concrete on the floor is also improved, since the floor is not making so much noise – a problem that is obvious for hard floors.

Warm floors

Of course, floor tiles made of Soft Concrete are not warm in themselves, but they give a warm feeling, because the thermal conductivity is less than for stone and ceramics. This means that you do not need under floor heating for the sake of comfort, which is more or less necessary for ceramic tiles. But if you need under floor heating in order to heat the room, there is of course no objection.

Beautiful floors

There are 250 colours to choose from and the sizes vary from 100 mm to 330 mm. The most common size is 250 mm. You often choose 4 -6 neighbouring colours which are installed at random, so that two tiles of the same colour are not positioned adjacent to each other. This gives a very vivid expression. But even if you choose a floor with only one colour, it will be beautiful since the tiles are not identical because of the manual production. And this of course also means that the colour is not exactly the same from time to time, even if the colour recipe is the same.

Durable floors

The floor tiles can be use in all premises indoors, except where there it is permanently wet, like in a shower. The tiles are treated with a water based coating at the production, and when the floor is installed, the whole floor is coated in order to also seal the joints, which makes the floor easy to keep clean. The coating is very resistant to ordinary household spillage (coffee, tea, citrus, tonic, red wine etc.). The coating is also very resistant to wear, but some periodic recoating is necessary, dependant on how intensive the traffic is. But this is a very simple operation. You do not need professional help for this.


Floor tiles made of Soft Concrete are installed in the same way as ceramic tiles with adhesive and joint filler. And for the latter, we enclose colour pigment that matches the colours that have been chosen for the floor in question. After the installation, the whole floor is coated with a water based parquet lacquer twice so that the joints are sealed. The tiles are not difficult to install, but you have to take notice that the tiles do not have exactly the same thickness, due to the manual production.




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