A soft concrete drop

DROP is an exclusive tile made of Soft Concrete meant for walls where you really want something special. The design is by Jenny Oldsjö and Ragnar Hultgren. The tile is a rhomb measuring 166x96x8 mm and has a concave drop. By combining it in different ways, you can create exciting patterns. There is also a plane sister tile with the same rhomboid shape, but without the drop. It can be used in combination with drop or on its own. In the latter case it can also be used on floors. Adjustment pieces, halves and quarters, make it possible to finish the patterns with straight edges.

Attention in Wallpaper

Drop was shown for the first time at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2007 where the magazine Wallpaper saw it and became delighted. So they published a full page showing a bathroom that they had styled. This led to orders from England, Ireland, Switzerland and USA, apart from use in Sweden. Front walls in restaurants, bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are typical areas of use. But Drop should not be used in the shower of a bathroom, but it functions well near a wash basin or a kitchen sink.

The setting needs accuracy

There is a standard pattern where Drop is combined to form propellers, but we also show a number of other ways to make patterns, e.g. borders (A-J, K-R, S-V). You can do your own patterns with the software Illustrator, or you can cut and paste the different pieces. The setting needs to be done accurately, because the rhomboid shape can cause the pattern to go astray if you are not careful. You can see the measurements of Drop at the illustration. There are detailed instructions for the setting.

Chain of restaurants in England decorates with Drop

Below you can see pictures from a choice of customers who have used Drop in private as well as in public places. The new chain of restaurants 1910, which is designed by the architect Suzi Todd at Absolute Design, have walls decorated with the concrete tile Drop on restaurants in London and Birmingham. And in London also the architects at Modus Workspace have used Drop in the toilets in public spaces.

Examples of patterns with Drop:

Standard pattern

Borders A-J

Borders K-R

Medallions S-V




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