Beautiful tables

TABLES with a top of Soft Concrete are available in different designs. Homogeneous tabletops, tables formed by tiles in different colours, different shapes and different under frames. It is possible to include something in the table, e.g. a slab of wood, a beautiful patterned ceramic tile or why not create a relief with a pattern/logotype.

Advantages with a durable and beautiful table of Soft Concrete

-Resitant to staining: with the coating that we put on the tables, the Soft Concrete withstands ordinary household spillage as wine, oil, coffee etc.

-Heat resistant: a hot kettle can be put directly on the table

-Less noisy: It is pleasant to put a glass or china on the table. The Soft Concrete helps giving a less noisy environment.

-Simple care: The maintenance is minimal compared to other concrete tables that have to be treated regularly with oil or wax.

Coffee table designed by Wanja Djanaieff

The coffee tables that Wanja Djanaieff has designed have either a rectangular or a round top of Soft Concrete and an under frame of steel with an untreated surface. There is also a dinner wagon on wheels with tiles with colours that you choose.

Price, example: Rectangular coffee table designed by Wanja Djanaieff.

Top in Soft Concrete and under frame in untreated steel. Length 120 cm Width 60 cm. SEK 9 900,- ex VAT.

Read more about the prices of our tables.

Dining table and sideboard of Soft Concrete

Johans Golv makes dining tables and sideboard according to the aesthetics and practical requirements of the customer. Maybe it is as a dining table that the properties of Soft Concrete primarily show their advantages. Less noisy, pleasant to lean against and resistant to heat and staining – those are properties perfect for the dining table. The sideboards can be adapted to your needs. Customers have ordered tables for the hall, for TV/Stereo etc.

Every table is unique

All tables and under frames are manually produced at our workshop in Tyresö outside Stockholm.

Welcome to make contact for more information about unique concrete tables.






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