FLOOR TILES AND TABLETOPS from Johans Golv are coated with a water based lacquer on the surface that is very resistant to staining from ordinary household spillage, (coffee,tea, citrus, tonic, vinegar, red wine etc). The coating is also resistant to heat, e.g. a pot with boiling water. This means that the tabletops do not need any maintenance to speak of, provided that you do not damage the coating with hard, sharp objects. But if the coating should get a damage, it is easy to fix. You simply wash with calcinated soda, let the surface dry and then put on 2 or 3 coats with about one hours interval. There is no need for grinding.

Simple maintenance of floors

There is more wear on a floor. Preventive actions such as soft cushions under furniture and a door mat inside the entrance are recommended. A certain periodic maintenance can be needed, which is done as recoating. It is done in the same way as was described above. It is important that you pay attention to the wear and do the recoating in due time, because if you wear through the coating and start wearing on the concrete itself, the surface will be altered in a way that is not reversible. The intervals for recoating can be in the order of every other to every fifth year.

Coated joints make the cleaning easy

The cleaning of floors with tiles of Soft Concrete does not differ from other floors. You use ordinary cleaning products and a moist mop or rug. An advantage compared to ceramic tiles is that our joints are sealed, since the whole floor is coated after the installation. This makes it easy to keep the joints clean. Stains that have stuck are carefully scraped off so that the underlying coating is not damaged.